To nourish the regional economy and foster an innovation-led development supporting UAE investors in achieving their strategic goals through a sustainable integrated approach

Introducing subsidiaries to the market, and vice versa. Creating & establishing new businesses from the scratch. Integrating services to match necessity. Exchanging benefits. Supporting subsidiaries & Client

Serving the great vision of the UAE leaders to be the leading business hub destination around the world

Business Investment Platform

RIC commits its passion through a diverse range of global solutions to medium & large enterprises, who don’t have the creditability to obtain the financial and management assistance, we enhance the credibility of our clients to achieve principles confidence. Our agile decision making and competence in business intelligence fuel our wisdom for growth and executive experience to establish new businesses in UAE.

World’s Safest Homeland

With the new technology integration in all sectors, RIC aims in creating a sustainable environment through national planning of the newly launched intelligent security equipment to the UAE governmental entities to help in meeting the goals UAE Vision on going.

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